Your SudBuddy for Life

Hi! We're BabyCorn Soaps and we just don't believe in plain, ordinary showers...but entire experiences in themselves!

Our founder, Cornea Mahmud discovered the power of fun scents, luxurious ingredients, and skin-loving natural oils while she was going through a difficult time in her life. Everyday, she would look forward to her late night showers or Friday night baths, as they were more than just that. They were her 'reset buttons'. That moment when she could contemplate on her day, figure out solutions to situations and start all over again, this time more refreshed and feeling utterly unstoppable. 

Getting into making bath and body products has helped Cornea's get out of the depression she's been battling for years and now she had an extra skip in her step and was all smiles, all the time. She had found her passion, she had found her niche, her purpose in life. And all was right in the world. She worked 12 hours on her feet at her day job, but would still come home to make fun and quirky soaps and bath bombs. Four years ago, she found what makes her happy, and she never looked back.


And that's what we keep in mind while creating each and every one of our products. We want you to feel just as awesome, everyday. We believe in uplifting spirits, embracing one's natural beauty, feeling invincible, laughing so loud your tummy hurts, building confidence, feeling good every morning even without any makeup on, and celebrating individuality. We believe everyone is beautiful, regardless of what society says beauty is supposed to look like. We believe true beauty starts with a smile and comes from within. Hence the punny names and the cute characters and the happy scents. We believe when you're feeling good, you're looking good. And that's all that should matter.

Check out Cornea's interview with Colombia Radio News for a little more about the story of BabyCorn Soaps

What We Are About


We believe handmade does not mean a person just flipping the switch on a huge machine. Handmade means real human hands making things, with passion, time and dedication to their craft. Handmade means creating works of art in small batches, one at a time, paying attention to detail, so that every single product is unique in their own right. 


Come join our BabyCorn Beauties and our BabyCorn Bros, a positive, fun-loving, happy community. We love everyone and welcome all. Thank you so much for all the support throughout the years and we hope to grow and learn together for many years to come. 

Supporting Small Businesses

We use local honey from the Bronx! La Cacica Honey comes from Bryant Hill in the South Bronx where the bees live in an organic garden and are cared for by Lucia Hernandez.  All proceeds from her sale of the honey go directly to the Bryant Hill Community Garden, which is described as an oasis for children living in the South Bronx. 

If you're a small business, and feel that we can build a mutually beneficial relationship, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Being Silly 

We're the originators of the fun FRAGILE label circulating on Etsy! We just had to take credit for that. That's all. 

Being a Little Geeky

Oh yeah, that Buzzfeed thing. We were on there for our Pokemon Bath Bombs, did you know? Because we're cool like that. And we like it when you talk nerdy to us. Check us out at #5

Making a Difference

Those who have been with us throughout the years know we have a Soap Drive every year. We're starting a little earlier this year. We made about 3800 bars last year and we're trying to triple that number since we do have more help now! Partnering up with ReACT Bangladesh, Health and Sanitation Implementation (HASI), and Women Empowerment for Economic Development, we at BabyCorn Soaps are very excited to put together this awesome event again this year!
How does it work? Send in your new/ slightly used bars of soaps or even soap slivers and we clean, sanitize and rebatch old soap to give it new life, cut them into family-sized bars and ship them to the developing nation of Bangladesh to be distributed in slums, remote villages, and other underprivileged areas. Saving lives requires a holistic approach that integrates soap with a comprehensive water, sanitation and hygiene program. Families are taught the importance of hand-washing and urged to incorporate it into their daily lives.
Did you know? 50,800 deaths in Bangladesh only in the last year have been accounted as resulting from a lack of proper hygiene. Infectious syndromes such as sepsis, acute respiratory infection, neonatal tetanus, and diarrhea are the major causes of death in neonates and children under 5 years old. Research studies have demonstrated that the risk of these diseases can be reduced by 44-47% through handwashing interventions.
Cornea be taking care of business over here and will lead manufacturing so that we can masterbatch our entire supply by hand. Dr. Lucy will lead the program in Bangladesh, helping people learn about the need to wash hands along with providing free medical checkups in those areas. Keep an eye out for a schedule early January. Retina is in charge of the soap drive in Bangladesh this winter. Soap Drive drop-off locations will be released soon. Please note that we are only accepting new, unopened bars of soap if you are donating in Bangladesh, the reason being that we do not have any certified saponifiers there at the moment. This is something we are working on and hope to be able to implement it next year.
Remember! Deadline is December 25th, 2016. But that doesn't mean you can't start now!
*Source: (World Health Organization, 2013d)


Meet our team! 

Dr. Riffat Lucy is a world-renowned trichologist and an aesthetic medicine and anti-aging specialist. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet and she loves to pull a good prank. She decides on what ingredients go in each product, and how much to ensure it is still skin safe. She also insists on quality assurance, by which we mean that sometimes, some stuff tend to go missing and somehow end up in her personal collection. 

Cornea Mahmud can't seem to end a sentence without a 'Ba Dum Tsss' because it seems that her Mama named her right. She is the reason for all the corniness in your soapy life and also our in-house certified soapmaker. No lye, she saponifies. BabyCorn is her passion and she makes sure that every product you receive is perfect and magical and glorious like a unicorn.

Retina Mahmud is going to college and looks forward to her future, where she juggles her three jobs as an oncologist, international policy maker in public health, and the head taster in a chocolate factory. She is in charge of making sure your packages are complete, on time, and hella cute. 



Every order comes with samples! Yes, you heard us. Every order. We love you, too. 

What We're Not About

Animal Testing

We do not test on animals. We do not purchase our ingredients from any company that tests on animals. It's not required by law. So it just doesn't make sense to. Animals are built differently. They do not have our hair nor our skin. Not to mention it is absolutely horrible and inhumane to test on innocent animals who have no say in the torture they are subjected to. If you really do need to test something out, we suggest you test on hubby first. That's always the way to go. 

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is used in most commercial soaps and is used to make the process faster. The faster a bar is finished, the more you can sell. But at what cost?

At BabyCorn Soaps, we don't mind waiting a little longer for a bar to cure. We believe that making a conscious effort to make a difference is integral. Innocent lives lost, countless homes destroyed and the close-approaching extinction of an entire species is so much more important than a couple extra days of wait.

Don't you think?

Skin-lightening Agents

We once got asked to fulfill a HUGE order for a company that could have honestly saved our business, but we refused. Why? Because it goes against our mission statement. Just for future reference, BabyCorn will NEVER be associated with anything that is used to lighten the skin. It's not just what we're about, and it undoubtedly stands against everything we believe in. It's not about money, it's about principle. Coming from a South-Asian background we are aware of the emphasis placed on lighter-skinned being directly related to being 'more beautiful'. Girls with lighter skin tones get the 'best proposals'. Well-known cosmetic companies showcase advertisements, where their campaign revolves around dark-skinned girls finally get the job or promotion after bleaching their skin. We cannot ever be a part of that and believe that it is time for a change, as that change is long overdue. Everyone is beautiful. All shapes, sizes, skin tones, hair textures, eye shapes, it doesn't matter. Enough with the impossible standards of beauty. Enough with the discrimination.