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Cue the Cucumbers!   

Cucumbers have always been a staple for me. It's a low maintenance snack that doesn't make you feel bloated or guilty, but lighter, and somehow helps you feel a tad bit cooler.

But cucumbers can also be very beneficial to the skin. Cucumbers and your skin share the same level of hydrogen, which makes it easier for cucumber to effectively help treat problem areas. Packed full of vitamins A,C,and D along with potassium, magnesium, silica and ascorbic acid, there are so many reasons to incorporate this gourd into your everyday diet. Did we mention that it's 90% water? We're 60% water ourselves, which is why our bodies get along so well with this cool, cool fruit. 

It soothes your skin and calms minor inflammations and effectively hydrates the skin. If you get dry patches around your nose or forehead, cucumbers are a great way to reduce that. If you're looking for that va va voom bright, glowing skin, try using a slice of cucumber like you would like a cotton pad doused in your favorite toner after you've cleansed your face. Except this time, you're not putting any harmful alcohols on your skin. Cucumbers act as an astringent and also help brighten the skin, making you look refreshed. 


Try a cucumber and tomato face mask by blending it with some yogurt, aloe vera and honey. Leave on your face for about five minutes or until it dries completely and rinse off! My, don't you look cute-cumber! 

Cucumber slices on the eyes, as you know from all the makeover movies ever, are super beneficial as they help with puffiness and dark circles. But unfortunately in real life, it doesn't guarantee the guy or your ability to rule the charming nation of Genovia. 

Welcome our summer favorite Benedict Cucumberpatch . Inspired by this hottie of course. 

Scented in cool cucumber, fresh fennel, and spring water, we love this refreshing scent for the humid days. And with added menthol, and aloe vera it really does make you 

And if you're a Sherlock Holmes fan, it is elementary that this scent be added to your collection, right away!